UTP Indicator Expired

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1 year ago

Hello all

I am wondering if the Academy of Financial Trading has indeed shut down. I couldn't seem to contact anyone by phone, no one answers their emails and now the UTP indicator has expired! Does anyone else have any clues on this?

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Hi All,

I'm pretty sure that the indicator is just a common indicator called a Donchian Channel, or something very similar.

Just google it and it can be added to MT4 for free.I guess you just don't get the arrows pointing out the obvious, that the line has been crossed.

The ATR is also a commonly used indicator and widely available.



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Are you using the system exactly as taught by AFT to achieve your success with the indicator? I have not read many stories of users being successful with the system.  Can you please share some stats if you are happy to do so, e.g:

  1. how long you have used the system

  2. winning trades vs losing trades

  3. how many markets you trade

  4. average time spent in a week trading the system

  5. overall % increase in Capital 

  6. which broker you use

If the AFT have, or are on the brink of closing down, you may be able to get the indicator coded on Freelance.com there are quite a number of MT4 coders on there.


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Hey Guys yes I also got that same response just now

Hey Marko glad to hear that Indicator was  a success while it was working.

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I finally got a response from Shaw just now - the issue is being escalated, and they're trying to fix this. Hopefully it'll be resolved in a few hours time

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A quick update - I have contacted them via their facebook page and they've advised me to send a support email into Shaw Academy.  Have done that but still waiting for response.  As soon as I've any news I will advise.  Otherwise I'm going to be looking for someone to program the same indicator as it has been very successful for me.

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@Bottomless Pips

Unfortunately after reinstalling MT4, the UTP indicator still does not work because it has expired.


Mark, perhaps you might have more luck trying to contact the Academy about the indicator, because I have tried emailing and calling their offices, but haven't had a response. Please let us know how you go.

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Hey Raincheck I just read about another dude who said Thanks reinstalled MT4 and now UTP indicator working. 

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I've just tried to call the three numbers listed on the Academy's website (Ireland, UK and US headquarters) but no one seems to be on the line.