17% profits per month for 3 years, is it at all possible?
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1 year ago

I have just heard from a friend of mine about a guy whose system has given him 17% appreciation month after month, without any break. First of all, I find that an incredibly high rate of return. Add to that, a consistent winning streak spread over three years - that seems even more impossible. Still, strange things do happen. So, just out of curiosity, here's my question to all my fellow community members - what is the longest winning streak (or negative streak) that you have ever had? And, roughly what was the gain or loss you had during that period?

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17% month on month - WOW!

This looks like a Ponzi scheme.


However his graph just went straight up, this one is exponential!

Give the man $100 and ask him for your $28.5K back in 3 years.

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Brian, the first rule of the markets is that anything and everything is possible (almost everything). It is this uncertainty - inability to predict the future - that makes investment risky and at the same time exciting. So, yes, theoretically, such returns are possible. 

Realistically though, such returns over such a long period of time, are highly unlikely. Some people may exaggerate their successes and some may understate their losses. Be careful and do not trust anybody's statements unquestioningly. Think for yourself and study every system or method thoroughly before putting your money on it. This is essential in order to ensure that you are not duped and that you do not lose your money. So, be cautious - don't be too trusting.