Academy FT - Foundation Trading Program - Lesson 1
Markets Forex

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2 years ago

You can post any of your questions in regards to the first lesson here.

In this Class we introduced the concepts of trading as well as the reasons why people trade, what are the different types of tradable instruments and who else is trading in the markets.

Have you got any Questions , feedback or additional information to add ?

Post it here.

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just found this page since i watched the live webinar yesterday on the foundations of trading, looking forward to the next one on wednesday,still getting my mind focused on all so far learnt.

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Not a Problem Guys, 

There's more to come.

Have a nice day.

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Ohh Great , Thanks Admin !

Gonna be a great thread once AFT students will join. 

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Usually the first class is the hardest I find. 

Once you will get pass this hiccup, you will start grasping the foundations of Trading.

Oh I remember the good ole days when I was a newbie(sigh)...

Happy Trading!