Academy FT - Foundation Trading Program - Lesson 2
Markets Forex

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2 years ago

Welcome to the Second Class.

You can post any of your questions in regards to the Second lesson here.

In this class on mechanics of trading, we introduced the basic terms such as leverage , pip margin and how they are used in the market. All the Jargon is provided in this class!

Have you got any Questions , feedback or additional information to add ?

Post it here.

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@taurus848 , The flipside of this is that you would need to pay spread on both trades. I would make my decision about what I do first and then enter for the second time only when the market allows it. 

Happy Trading! 

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Ohh this is great!

Looking forward to some additional input about the second lesson!

Happy Trading!

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Hi @Taurus848: The difference is that you will have traded more risk on a single trade. You should never be risking more than you have to.  Overall you will be looking to minimize your risk and as a result stay profitable. You should not be entering a position second time unless the market moves into your favor, to a level that justifies the second entry point. 

This is a big topic, but I hope that this answers your question.

Have a good day.

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Just wondering whats the difference between making 2 trades of $100 (at 1% leverage) vs making a single trade of $200 (at 2% leverage).

You put the same amount of money in, but it seems that in the first case you've traded on $20000 and in the second, only $10000. Consequences of this?

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This is nice, I've just finished lesson 2. 

Anything that I should read or research before the next class?