Academy FT - Foundation Trading Program - Lesson 7
Markets Forex

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2 years ago

You can post any of your questions in regards to the seventh lesson here.

This sessions is all about the Platform. We show you how to set up orders, change your charts, add indicators and make other adjustments to your platform.

Have you got any Questions, feedback or additional information to add?

Post it all here.

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Hi @rjackson4209 : Have a look at this guest post by SideKick . It will give you couple of things to look for.

Have a good day!

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How do I pick a broker? Etrader, Scottrade 

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Hey @Johnny,

I suggest that you look at the Intel/Symantec merger to see what you can be expecting from a merger. 

One of them is losing value while the other one usually gains. But remember that this will not always happen this way so you must be careful.

Happy Trading!

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Hi @Johnny,

I suggest that you have a look both at Reuters and Forex Factory and well as Audio Squawk for any current news.

Unfortunately we don't deal with merger strategies in this webinar series. 

Have a good day.

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What are the most influential newswires that you recommend?  I heard Forex and Bloomberg.  Are there others?  Also, how does one play "Mergers and Acquisition"?  Should one buy stocks in the company being purchased assuming the price will go higher or should one buy stock in the acquiring company assuming the stock will be bullish?  Currently looking at the movement of Zulily (ZU) and LibertyInteractive (QVCA).  What would happen to the acquired company's stock?