Academy FT - Foundation Trading Program - Lesson 9
Markets Forex

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2 years ago

You can post any of your questions in regards to the ninth lesson here.

Over the course of this class we will teach you about risk management. We cover the topics of  account management, risk-reward ratio, exposure, stop losses and many more. Its one not to be missed if you are serious about being a profitable trader.

Have you got any Questions, feedback or additional information to add?

Post it all here.

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Great to hear that @Joshua ! Trading is all about right strategy and consistency...

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Being such an important topic, it would be super useful if  you would summarize your thoughts on it and your practices.

As for me, I was not as limiting as I should have been.  The reason for that is because as a beginner with a small account it looked like it would have taken me a long time to increase my account or profitability so instead of limiting myself to the small percentage of my account as is suggested here and elsewhere I put on larger trades.  More recently, however, I am now getting stricter with myself about following what is recommended.

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Also, it would be great to have a summary of what was taught in the 9th webinar in this thread.  The same goes for the other webinars in their respective threads.

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That Right @Sidekick : This topic is extremely important, This is also the main reason why most new traders fail. 

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Risk management is one of the most important topics in trading. No wonder that people lose money without this knowledge.