Anyone here trade AIM stocks?
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2 years ago


I am pretty new to stock trading, I wanted to get started with trading the junior stock market here in the UK, namely the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Having spent time on research, I struggled to find any traders be it on social media or otherwise who specialise in trading AIM stocks, so it would be hugely beneficial to get to know traders who specialise in AIM stocks.


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@Mojo876, That makes sense. Another alternative is investing in penny stocks... Same principle , same risk, potentially huge returns. 

As a matter of curiosity, did you trade any of the stocks on the AIM yet? I havent heard of a single trader who  deals with AIM, investors are something else though.

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The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) lists stocks of new companies, so the main attraction to trade AIM stocks is the potential for high returns (although that also means high risk). Unlike traditional stocks listed on any central exchange such as NYSE or LSE where movement of 5% is considered huge, given the nature of AIM stocks,  price movements are much greater; today for example, the biggest "riser" was a company called Clean Air, whose stock price rose by 60%. This is in comparison to the central exchange (LSE) who's biggest winner today was a company called  Rio Tinto who's share price rose 4%.

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Hi Mojo786,

Any particular ideas why you want to focus on trading specifically this Market ?

All the successful traders that I know have a focus either on multiple markets or only single currencies.

I understand that you must have a specific reason for wanting to trade the AIM?

Happy Trading!

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Sorry (stereotype), am Canadian so can't help.  Would that be like the Venture market on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)?