Daily Market Report - 30/10/2015
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2 years ago

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That's the kind of info I was looking for.

I'm not looking to get rich, just make a wee bit more than even.

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Ah ok I see. Honestly, the strategy is pretty good and makes a lot of sense. 

I'm glad I went ahead with the UTP program. 

I started out with a 20k demo account. I got unlucky with natural gas eating away a lot of trades just hoping for a break out that never came.  Now I don't use it anymore. Other markets break out more frequently. So currently sitting at 17.6k $ I can't get back to you once I go positive again if you wish. 

This strategy won't make you rich. Unless you already have a 300k+  account. This isn't day trading where you could make big bucks with a 10k account. 

The strategy is very very conservative if that can reassure you. 

I trade 30-40 minutes a day. That's what I love about it. 

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Hi fredericp64

I will be starting UTP soon, and have not been to any classes yet (going over foundation again, and looking on this forum for any clues about UTP).

Like you, until I test it out on demo, I won't be going live anytime soon.

I suppose the real test of it, is not whether it picks a lot of loosing trades, but when it gets one right its big, and more than enough to compensate.

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Hi, yeah that instrument is absolute garbage for the UTP. Coffee isn't too great either. 

I'm still trading demo yeah. 

You seem to have a hard time trusting the strategy. Are you in on the Wednesday classes?

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Hi @fredericp64 

Are you still trading demo?

Is what you have posted indicating that UTP strategy isn't working, or is/was it just in that instrument?



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Well well..! That monster of an account muncher has finally breached!!

Lost so many UTP positions on nat gas lol.