Fibonacci and Moving averages
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2 years ago

I was just wondering if people still use moving averages and Fibonacci. The UTP indicactor doesn't really allow you to have any more indicators on it otherwise the chart would be too clustered and is not part of the strategy.

Could you set up two charts for each instrument one with the UTP and one with others like Fibonacci moving averages etc. Just to give adding confirmation really before excepting a trade? Or do people just discard other indicators and go with the UTP solely?

Just wondering what people thought

Regards Martin

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Hi @Mjenner48: I have created a couple of templates both with specific indicators as well as oscillators and saved them as a different names. Its really good especially for playing around with different indicators..

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Hey @Mjenner48: Its easy enough to do the same for any indicators that you want to play around with.  All you need to do is to place what you are interested in on the screen and then save as a template. 

The next time you load the template, your chosen indicators will be there. 

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Thanks Barber

What about setting up different templates on the charts  for certain indicators. So you can load which indicators you want. I will always primarily use UTP and ATR. I have template just for the blue lines for the LTT. It's so good you can set up what template you want really. 

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Hi Martin,

This really depends on you.  I never mix my strategies as I want to have a clear understanding of the strategies.

This means that I set up a new account every time i am serious about trying a new strategy.  

UTP is a long term strategy and so if you want to trade intraday, you want to keep it all separate and accountable.