George Soros bets on drop in S&P 500
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1 year ago

As per a regulatory filing, Soros currently has put options on 4 million shares of an exchange-traded fund, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY). This fund specifically targets the S&P 500. As of March 31, Soros had put options on 2.1 million shares of this ETF.  Thus, during the last quarter, Soros has nearly doubled his position against the S&P 500. Several other prominent investors such as Jeffrey Gundlach, Carl Icahn and David Tepper have also made similar moves in the recent past. During this period, Soros has also reduced his holdings in gold. 

Do you think Soros has made the right decisions? Anybody willing to bet against Soros?  :)

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As per these regulatory filings, several top investors have exited or reduced their open positions in various US stocks. Soros too had sold all of his shares in Apple (3100 shares). On the other hand, Warren Buffet has added almost 55% to his open position in Apple stock (15.2 million shares held by Berkshire Hathway as on June 30). So, which investor do we follow?  :)

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:) This is interesting news, Amber. However, this news pertains to the last quarter (quarter ending June 2016). So, this news is already 45 days old. During this time, he may have changed his positions. Another issue is that regulatory requirements only require declaration of holdings. Closed positions, reversed positions, trades already made, etc. - these are not covered in these filings. So, this may not give a comprehensive and complete picture of the market view that Soros has.