How a beginner becomes an expert trader
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10 months ago

Some traders believe that demo trading is useful and some traders believethat it’s a waste.  So some traders believe demo accounts are great for the beginners because it will help them to become a discipline dtrader. Understand that no trader is born as an expert he or she becomes an expert by being a beginner. A beginner will learn to trade, make mistakes, correct it, and through it, he or she will become an expert. If you consider the forex market you should understand that it is not a simple market but complex. But when the traders consider the demo accounts as a simple thing they would not find the importanceof it. They should consider the demo accounts as practice and use it to increase their skills. When trading from demo accounts they will overtrade whereas it is not healthy at all because a demo account is a practice so it will reflect in your live trading. So, demo accounts should be dealtin an intelligent manner so understand that you should focus on dealing the demo accounts as a practice. You should be a serious learner if you are not, then you willface many difficulties when trading live accounts. Before you trade demo accounts you should focus on grabbing the knowledge about it. Read the article to learn more about it.

Is demo account essential

Is demo account essential? Of course, it is essential because it is the best way to practice to trade live account successfully. It’s actually as same as the live accounts but you will not trade real money instead it will be fake money. You will be trading the real market still the market will be risk-free even if the market is risk-free you should not consider it instead you should trade it as if its risk associated. The demo trading account is essential for every trade if he or she is a serious learner because it will shape them up to a better trader.

What is the reason to use the demo account

Visitingforums, reading articles, attending seminars and etc. would have been your way but how to check whether you have enough knowledge to trade forex? The best way to check your knowledge is trading through demo accounts when you trade demo accounts you will be able to learn the mistakes and then you will understand the ways to correct it. Of course, it will not give 100% success in live trading you will have to face losses but the losses will be lower since you have the practice.

Consider demo account as serious

Most of the traders who trade demo accounts do not consider it as a serious thing because they don’t trade real money but it’s completelywrong. You should treat the demo accounts as same as the live accounts. You should not keep in mind that you are trading demo money because if you keep that in your mind you will not trade demo accounts successfully. If you are trading live accounts will you be careless? Of course, you will not be careless so when trading demo accounts also you should not be careless.

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There is always a method when you have a live and demo account running at the same time.  Testing and then applying live.

Just a suggestion. Trade well and safetly and don't forget your stop loss.

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Not really an extensive guide for beginner>expert but nonetheless very important info for a beginner.