How good (or bad) is the Martingale way of trading?
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1 year ago

Does this system actually lead to regular profits? Is it better than other systems? What pair should this system be applied on to get good results? I am curious to know more about this system - do let me know what you feel about this. 

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Massively risky system, Brian. It assumes that at some stage you will make profits - which will wipe out your previous losses. That stage may never come, or may come long after your account has been wiped out! I wouldn't go for it. All the Best if you wish to try it. Do share your experiences if you try out this method.

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Hi Brian

Abysmal! That's what Martingale is. 

If you are prepared to risk everything you own, then by all means try it out. The risk to reward ratio is totally skewed against you. 

Each time you loose, you double your stake. Looked at simply: -

You place $10 on red - you loose. You then place $20 on red and just keep doubling up till you win

It isn't unusual to have 10+ losses in a row (despite the fact that the odds are even each time). On bet 11, you eventually win: you have bet a total of $20,470 and receive $20,480 still only $10 profit - assuming you are not already brian-cold.

Be cool and prosper

Old Tom