Indicators are expired
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1 year ago

I'm getting an error message saying my indicators are expired. I have the latest version and they were working fine last week.

Anyone else getting this message this morning? 

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Annoyingly this is happening again.  I've emailed to give them a bit of a telling off - but it may be that I have to start looking for the alternative indicator!


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Hello Guys 

The indicator is working again :D 

I don't know what happened but it's just working


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I am with ETX Capital and they have advice all the UTP Indicator user with the email below:

"Happy Monday! I have received quite a few emails in regards to an error when using the UTI indicator provided by the Academy of Financial trading, there is a workaround so please do read on. The indicator is based on a method known as a Donchian channel, and is freely available on the web. It was developed by Richard Donchian, it is formed by taking the highest high and lowest low of the last so many periods. The UTI requires third party authorisation before you can use it each time on your MT4 platform and this can cause considerable delay. You may receive a warning similar to this below: Please download and install our version, which does not require any third party authorisation and is fully customisable"

This for me is quite concerning after going through the UTP. Only to find out that someone out there is alleging that the indicator was developed by another not the FT Academy that I trust and value. I have contacted the academy and  I  was told via an email that they were fixing the problem and it was going to be sorted in the next few hours. Mind you that was on 7 days ago on 20 June 2017. I have not receive any communication regarding the indicator. 

Unfortunately I cannot include the link of the indicator on the post.

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Anyone hear a status on this?  Anyone feel like they may need to close out their positions within the next day or so just to be safe?      

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Have had same.  Did get a response of sorts via the facebook page advising me to contact support at Shaw Academy.  Have done so but still waiting.  Getting a bit concerned to be honest.

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Yep same problem. Sent email yesterday but no response

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I got this message too 

This is very annoying 

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Hi did you try contacting them and not getting thru perhaps