Samsung delays Note 7 launch in some markets due to high demand
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1 year ago

Samsung has announced that it is delaying the launch of its Galaxy Note 7 in some markets. Higher than expected demand for the Note 7 is the reason that they have offered for this delay. Samsung said that in Europe, more consumers pre-registered for the Note 7 than for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. This high demand has forced Samsung to go for a staggered launch of the Note 7 in Europe.

As per the new plan, on September 2, the Note 7 would be launched in UK, Germany and France. Other European countries would get a delayed launch, with some countries getting a September 9 launch while others would get a September 16 launch. 

After this announcement, Samsung shares dropped by around 2% (after hitting record highs the previous day). 

I wonder how Samsung's success with this year's flagships would impact Apple. Would it potentially lead to lower demand for the expected iphone7, especially when the iphone 7 has already been criticized due to rumours that it will not have a headphone jack? There are reports that iphone 6 and 6s did not perform as well as expected. If the same thing happens with iphone 7, would Apple's stock take a hit? What do you think? 

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Wow, I am surprised that there is such a high demand for Galaxy Note 7. To be so successful that the company is not able to ship phones as per schedule - that is an achievement. However, it could be too early to say that this would necessarily lead to lower demand for iphone 7. The upcoming iphone may take some hit due to high Note 7 sales. Or, it may end up being very successful itself. 

High Note 7 sales may indicate that the market is already saturated with other phones and hence, may be looking to shift to new phones now. In such a situation, Apple iphone 7 need not suffer from poor demand at all.