Trading the UTP currently ?
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1 year ago

Hello, anyone here trading the UTP strategy currently? I would like to know the feedback/performance results of someone here who has been genuinely following this strategy. Also interested in finding a trading partner if anyone's interested. Would love to support and boost strategy with some like minded people. 

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Hi Trade Tiger, last year i traded the system (as taught, with perhaps a few miss steps on entries) across 10 markets and broke even on a demo account. But I found that finance charges on open positions, particularly on WTI, played a bigger role than suggested in the training. 

However on that experience I plan to try again as I have some more time in the coming months but with a few tweaks that I feel would have pushed that break even into a slight profit and hopefully refine again from their to achieve double digit returns, otherwise it just is not worth the time unless your starting position is £250K plus. My impression is that if traded as taught the system is designed to break even perhaps a little better but with lots of entries and exits which of course generates revenue for the Broker, giving you just enough encouragement to keep going.

The first time I did the training my account manager told me he was up for the year about 47%, I forget on how many markets... I should have asked for a trading statement for transparency and that would also given me an idea of a diversified portfolio. 

Do you know of anyone trading the UTP to the minimum 20% return suggested on the marketing material?