When do you guys trade?
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2 years ago

Most of  us have full time jobs I guess so I was wondering when people trade.

Can you trade in the morning between say 6.30 and 8am before work or is it best to trade in the evening between 7pm and 9pm? 

In the morning I'm fresh but can you adapt the UTP strategy at 6.30am in the morning?

In the evening perhaps a little tired but maybe be better to trade then.

Just interested to know when you guys trade.



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Welcome to the Community Martin!

You can trade with the UTP strategy at any stage of the day, just remember that you will have to most of the moves are picking up with at 7 when the London opens.

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Thanks guys for your help.I'm new to trading so all your comments is much appreciated. 

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hi Martin, 

You will be able to trade Forex at any time. If you do want to trade a whole portfolio, I think that you could give the guys at the academy a call and im sure that they will be able to have a chat with you and help you to pick the right stocks etc.

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Hi @Mjenner48,

I would suggest that you start with the Asian markets first, then you can have a look on the London session from 7 am (gmt) and once you come back you can go for a US markets in the evening.

Remember that you can trade Forex at any stage of the day Monday-Friday .

Have a look in here for exact market opening hours.


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I trade from New zealand so trade london in the evening say for 45 minutes or so ,around 8 pm. Then trade New york in the morning for say 20 miuntes at around  7 am