How I save on Brokerage Fees
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8 months ago

Hey All, 

First I would like to mentioned that I am a relative newbie when it comes to trading. However, I am always out looking on how to save myself money when I can, this just happens to align with my most recent trading experiences. For the majority of my research I conduct is on my Fidelity account provided by my employer, MorningStar, Bloomberg etc, just to name a few.  When I feel confident enough on a particular stock and/or fund , I then use my Robinhood account to buy. Robinhood does not have any sort of fees associated to it.  Next time your thinking of buying something and wish you could avoid fees, consider Robinhood, they will even buy your options from any brokerage you use.  Not convince? Check out their webpage .    

If you are convinced then please use my shared link so that the both of us can receive free stock! 

Again I really don't like promoting things but this is too good of savings if you've never checked or given the chance to Robinhood.